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New York, NY

Dada Manifesto

Dada Manifesto

Final poster

Dada Manifesto
  • Role: Graphic Designer
  • Location: New York, NY (Parsons)

Using the Dada Manifesto as inspiration, I created a poster that embraces the Ism’s philosophy of chance and nonsense. My goal was to reduce the degree of control I had and embrace imperfections. I used Wordle to create initial word shapes, then layered fashion illustrations from the early 20th Century. To expand further I intended to cut out the word shapes to create a Dada Poem, however a printer error resulted in horizontal banding. I used this mishap as an opportunity and cut the words according to these bands, then pulled them randomly from a bag for their final placement.


inspiration board

Dada Process

horizontal banding + dada poetry

Dada Manifesto Dada Manifesto