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New York, NY

ALT Outdoor Goods

ALT Outdoor Goods design for Parsons Fall 2015

ALT. Outdoor Goods
  • Role: Graphic Designer
  • Location: New York, NY (Parsons)

ALT. is a fictional outdoor apparel and accessory retailer that uses recycled plastic bottles to create synthetic textiles. The idea of outdoorsmen wearing plastic as a means to save the environment suggests a strange, yet positive relationship between the synthetic and natural. This inspired the flexible logo solution which transforms to resemble the field that it is placed on, whether a tree or a mountain side. With ALT.'s focus on materials, the use of Milkweed and Kraft paper in print collateral became essential in extending the brand identity.

ALT Outdoor Goods Logo Sketches

Logo Sketches

ALT Outdoor Goods Final Logo

Final Logo

ALT Outdoor Goods Final Logo Stamp
ALT Outdoor Goods Stationery
ALT Outdoor Goods Hangtag

Tee + Hangtag

ALT Outdoor Goods Hangtag

Alternative hangtags

ALT Outdoor Goods Ap

App design